Imagine the streets of Saigon…

…a bustle of people, mopeds and bicycles, with people stopping on the side of the road to enjoy a warming bowl of food before they keep going about their day. Imagine rickety tables with plastic chairs, and large families and groups of friends talking loudly and gesticulating with their chopsticks in the air while they help themselves to spring rolls and spicy meatballs. Imagine warm, heartfelt tastes with heaps of crispy greens and sauces that add fire, depth, sweetness and zing.


Reviews from some of our customers 

Excellent food with even better service!

Great food. The best dish might have been the Phở (soup) but the meatballs were also great, as well as the many other dishes we had. Service was excellent. Super friendly and charming!

Love from Australia

Brought my girlfriend to this lovely restaurant. The staff are fabulous and showed us a great time. Thanks a lot!

Warm & Friendly atmosphere

Very welcoming, good food and drinks, they have Vietnamese classics on the menu which are great, but they’re experimenting a lot too with other cuisines and fusion, which is appreciated by me! Extremely nice and friendly atmosphere.

Nice lunch

Had a nice lunch with a very good bowl, noodle and meatballs with extra tofuball. It’s maybe not cheap but it feels very fresh and the interior is cool. Would go again.